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Meet the photographer

Photo by Kat de Barros

Based in Brooklyn, but often traveling. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising but somewhere between school and life, I fell in love with photography. This background in advertising and design allowed me to transition into photography seamlessly.

Aesthetics and cultivating a style that feels like my own are essential to me in my work. I am an observer and open to inspiration in my surroundings. I love the beauty of little details and discovering new places or rediscovering old ones. I am passionate about telling life and love stories, catching those fleeting moments and details that make people unique and beautiful. I’m inspired by romance, a good old jazz record, and the simple pleasures in life. My photography is uncomplicated, unpretentious, and honest. I have a soft spot for photographs that evoke emotion and the in-between moments that make us so human and real. I work with both digital and traditional 35mm/120mm film equipment.

I take Photography commissions on different projects both local and involving travel. I also own a Wedding + Portrait Photography studio: BlueSpark Photography. To see more, follow through to see my work and learn about my process and availability here.

If interested in working with me, please message me through the contact tab or email me at hello[at]dianazapata[dot]com.

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