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Divine Feminine

Is it required to write my definition of femininity and do the pre-shoot work for the Divine Feminine Project?

This project is a collaboration between us. It is also an exploration and it is not meant to be treated as a portrait sitting only. My goal is to create a safe space for women and female identifying subjects to find this definition of femininity and hopefully empower them to embody this definition in every area in their lives. So yes, absolutely. Let’s do the work.

Can I choose the images that will be published on the Divine Feminine Project? Where will these images live?

This is a project devoted as an artistic expression of the divine feminine’s meaning, so as the artist, I choose images to publish alongside a quote from your answers to the questionnaire I send prior to the session. In the beginning, these will be shared online but my ultimate goal is to publish a book. However, none of the images will be sold anywhere to stock photography and will always be in association with the project. It is my intention to showcase a wide range of meanings and expressions.

Is nudity ok for the Divine Feminine Project photos?

Absolutely. If you feel comfortable with it, and if, after exploring your definition of femininity you would like to visually express this in this way, you are welcome to be as nude- or as covered- as you like.

How much does the Divine Feminine Project Session cost?

This is a project that I’ve had in mind for some time and my purpose with it is to help the female consciousness, the divine and wild feminine. However, there are costs associated with developing this project so the current cost per session is $200.

General Questions

How do I book a regular session and pay?

Full payment and a signed agreement are required to reserve your date, just email me or fill a contact form for inquiries. Pricing on every session reflects your investment for my time and talent in photographing and editing your photos. You can pay via Venmo or with any major credit/debit card prior to the session.

How many outfits/locations are allowed per session?

As many as you would like for both outfits and locations. However, I recommend keeping these at a minimum for less coverage time. I would suggest 2 outfits for one-hour sessions and 3 outfits for two-hour sessions. The locations should be adjacent or close in distance so that we do not spent too much time in transporting from one place to another.

Do I need to get my makeup done? 

You absolutely do not have to, but if you are feeling fancy I can recommend someone.

Can I bring a friend to my Portrait Session?

YES! Friends are good. Friends might help you loosen up and relax- but its not a requirement. We will still make it fun if its just the two of us!

Im awkward in front of the camera. Will you direct me?

I will just say this: most of us are. Our time together will not be spent with me telling you exactly where to place your body parts or where to look. Instead, we will play and walk and talk about life and the things you love and I will interrupt you because I just saw this beautiful background that we can use so we will stop and take photos there and go on our way. I might give you suggestions but it will all be fluid and fun- as it is supposed to be.

How many photos will I receive? How and when are they delivered?

You will receive your images within five days in a downloadable online gallery. Your total number of images depends on the time of coverage: minimum of 30 images edited in color and b/w for a One-hour booking and minimum of 60 images edited in color and b/w for a Two-hour booking.

Please tell me more about your PORTRAIT SESSIONS

I take commissions on a first-come, first-served basis. Lifestyle, Portrait or Headshot sessions are an amazing way to not only celebrate yourself but also a great way to create content for any online platforms where you want your personal brand to grow.

What about your EVENTS + WORKSHOPS coverage?

Opportunities to document how people mingle, learn and network are also among my favorite to photograph, and I would be happy to be part of your event or workshop.


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