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Mujer Divina

An exploration of femininity

An Ongoing Project

Mujer Divina means Divine Woman. Divine Femininity. I believe that our uniqueness is what makes us strong, not only as individuals but as a community. Growing up I had a very specific example to follow as to what being feminine meant and what it looked like. I didn’t have many role models that would show the different ways of exploring and embracing femininity. I didn’t know what feeling empowered as a woman meant. Now, as a photographer, I have the chance to bring to life these expressions and small acts of liberation.

This is a collaboration between subject and photographer as it gives a voice to my subjects and it will be a visual catalog of the multiple forms the feminine can embody.

This is a two-fold project. First, I ask some questions as we get deep into finding your own definition of what being feminine is for you. What does being feminine mean to you? How has this view changed over time? Have you considered how this definition affects your worldview? Is there any shame associated with it? These are just some questions to get you started in finding this definition. Write as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

Next, we come up with a visual representation of how you feel your most feminine. Is it wearing nothing but accessories and a soft, delicate textile wrapped around you? Is it wearing a flower crown with a long flowy dress? Is it wearing jeans with no top? What colors make you feel most vibrant? Does this version of you come from a cultural background? Let’s unwrap all this.

Contact me if you’d like to be involved in this project in any capacity.

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